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I am Dupe Akinsiun

Welcome to my page today!

I am a career & life coach. I help upwardly-mobile professionals build career credibility and influence that attract opportunities for increased income and impact. 

I do this by using my proven system and methodologies to help growth-minded, high-potential working professionals create practical action steps for smashing their life and career goals thereby achieving exponential growth and life-fulfilment with ease.

I will be delighted to work with you if you desire to gain the clarity, confidence and competence you require to achieve your career goals and growth.

Who is Dupe Akinsiun?

Dupe is an award-winning, certified Executive Career Coach and Human Resources professional with about 15 years of progressive experience across multiple industries in Africa, North America and Europe.

I look forward to serving you with world-class tools and resources that will bring about your desired clarity, transformation and growth in life and career.

Feedback from clients has identified me as one who has the ability to bring about the necessary stimulation and guidance needed to set individuals or organizations on a path of clarity and transformational growth.

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