Performance vs Perception

The impact of perception in achieving career success has been significantly underrated by many

This short clip by the Queen of Wallstreet Carlan Harris drives home the point:

You see, there is a reason why companies invest in marketing campaigns and promotions. They do not just rely on the fact that the product is great, they want you to believe that it is great so they invest in marketing communications to get that done

I did a few marketing campaigns and promotions for 3 of my mentees last year. The results?
1. Within 2 weeks, one of them got a new job after almost 3 years of unsuccessful attempts
2. Another transitioned from being an accountant to becoming a wealth manager, a role she had always desired and never knew how to navigate. Best part? Came with 100% salary increase
3. Another got a changed industries and got a significant pay raise in a role that gives her the challenges and negotiation power she wanted

Through my mentoring program, I got to know more about them and I helped to position them right for the right opportunities

Dear friend, it’s not enough for you to know that you are good. People need to know. Infact, lots of people need to know. You are a key-man risk if you are the only one who knows you do a good job

Who else needs to know that you are good in your organisation and industry?

Showcase and sell your value. How do you do that?

1. Identify your stakeholders. This should not be those you work with only, let it include those who sit at tables where decisions about you are made
2. Assess the level of your visibility to them. Do they know you and the value of work that you do?
3. Where you can, constantly ask for feedback from your stakeholders
4. Address any gaps that will help boost their awareness of what you do
5. Communicate your value not just in words but in actions. Give your leaders a taster experience of what you can deliver, volunteer for projects or tasks they might have
6. Proactively engage with your stakeholders frequently, it helps you understand their interests and influence per time. This right here is the key to effective stakeholder management

The better your brand perception, the more your market share

Remember, you are like a product. Everyday, people decide to buy you or not. When they decide to buy, how much they offer is a reflection of their perception of your value

Beginning with the end in mind, today:
1. Decide on how much value you want to command
2. Build your capacity to deliver solutions worth that value
3. Go ahead and communicate your value to your stakeholders
4. Build your performance but never forget to invest in building your brand perception

Hope this helps someone.

I love to help people win in the workplace. Need me to mentor or coach you? Send a DM. Fees apply

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