Lessons From My Job Loss

When my boss and I discussed the challenges the company we worked for was facing a couple of years ago, I knew a decision either had to be taken by me or the business. What did I do, I requested for a voluntary redundancy

I didn’t have to be told. From almost 100 employees, we had rightsized (really and truly, the word should be downsized 😊) to just 7 employees. As one of the 7 employees and the one overseeing the people costs and business strategy, I could see the numbers. Not like my total package would save the company from its woes, I didn’t want to be asked to go before I knew I had to step down

I was paid off and then I had to face life as ME

You see, wearing your company’s badge is great. There comes a time in life, when you’ve got to find your own badge

Before this time, I had invested in different certifications and trainings

Immediately after my separation from the company, I went for additional trainings and took some time to rest and reflect. Thanks to Thomas Otley and Mary Ann Otley – their love and sponsorship was crucial at this time 🌹

You see, I had invested all monies paid to me. I ensured it was long term and so no immediate returns. I needed to confront my fears

I had the fear of the unknown, the fear of not having a steady income stream, the fear of not having a job …

In my moments of reflection, I began to ask:
1. Who am I without my job?
2. What solutions can I render that Organizations will pay for?

You see, I kept applying for jobs BUT I realised that getting a job was outside my control. What was within my control was actually creating a job for myself

I did

I offered my services for FREE using tools and resources I had gained over the years from my personal development

Few months into doing this, I got my break. My first client was from Ghana and it made ALL the difference. One transaction has led to many years of serving the same client and many more across

My next job met me doing business, a great one at that

You see, you are your biggest investment. You are your biggest asset

Never miss an opportunity to invest in you. Don’t delegate your learning and growth to anyone

Here’s an opportunity to invest in you today: https://lnkd.in/dk5-su_a

Don’t miss it for anything.

When you investment in you, always ensure you demand the returns from YOU. Hold yourself accountable to produce results with your resources

Even though I lost my job, I learnt to produce wealth from zero

1. Build a personal brand. Don’t let a job define you. You’re more than a job title
2. Invest in yourself
3. Confront your fears
4. Discover your value in a place of rest and reflection
5. Add value by providing quality solutions
6. Don’t wait to lose your job to find YOU

Which of these resonate(s) with you?

PS: The aim of this post is NOT to leave your job. It’s to FIND you and GROW you

Have a great day! 🌹

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