I Lost My Job But Then I Found Me

It has taken me forever to find the best way to share this and the best time to do it. As 2018 is coming to an end, I thought to share some of the details with you to encourage someone out there

Exactly 3 years ago, I wrote an article, ‘Should I Worry About the Future of my Job or my Own Future (://www.linkedin.com/pulse/job-security-should-i-worry-future-my-own-dupe/), little did I know that I was setting the stage for myself.

As at 2015, I wanted more for my career. I was not clear on the details but I knew I was dissatisfied. I got many offers including relocation but declined. Before 2015 was over, due to my continuous QUEST TO GROW, I found and joined the JOHN MAXWELL TEAM. It helped me put my desires in perspective. I could easily define what I truly wanted to do.

I found WHAT I wanted to do but did not know HOW to go about it. In 2016, I signed up for a course THE BLUEPRINT of HOW with a lady who later became my coach. I paid $1,000 for a 90 days coaching. During the coaching session, my coach helped me to see how my self-sabotaging habits and thoughts had limited me from fully expressing myself

During this period, from 2016 into 2017, my employer began a restructuring exercise that de-emphasized Nigeria from its mainstream structure and so over 90% of the employees were retrenched in 3 tranches. We were 8 left from about 92 employees.

In the middle of this, in Dec 2016, I took a course EMPLOYEE to EMPLOYER and I came up with a 2-year exit plan which I began to execute. I also bought a book titled HOT PURSUIT which literally set my tail on fire to go after my dreams

By June 2017, I had begun a weekly Facebook video sessions on Leadership, had corporate training and speaking engagements that got me 7-digits in 4 months as a side hustle. By May 2017, I began to incorporate a company and by June 2017, I told my husband my exit may be faster than the 2-year plan I had crafted especially because many speaking opportunities had opened up for me including being a weekly radio talk-show host.

By August 2017, there was to be another retrenchment across the SA/SSA region. My boss and I discussed the cost reductions within the business and I said to her, ‘it’s ok to let me go’. Now, I concluded that was what she possibly wanted to tell me especially because my major market was no longer a focus for growth for the business. By this time, I had incorporated my company and so by 12 October 2017, I left AstraZeneca

I travelled on vacation to the US and was gone for eight (8) weeks. I went to declutter and rediscover. During my time away I took three (3) major courses: Hot Pursuit Certification Course, The Blueprint of Success Certification and the Dale Carnegie Leadership for Manager Course. I won the Dale Carnegie award for the most impactful project during the 3-week program

Since I returned in December 2017, I have trained almost 40 organizations across multiple sectors in Nigeria and Ghana such as (Financial Services, Media, Energy, Logistics, Cleaning, Marine, Professional Services, Information Technology, Oil & Gas, Real Estate to mention a few) . I have also helped coaching clients discover, create and achieve their success stories.

In addition to these, I got called by a leading FMCG company with presence across 20 countries to be engaged as an in-house Leadership & Capability Development Expert. I have the chance to deliver leadership courses across defined leadership layers within the Company.

This company has allowed me to use my weekends, annual leave, public holidays to still serve my clients all over. I still train, coach and speak and the invitations keep coming.

As at today, I am equipped with the tools and resources that will help you elevate your thinking.

Do you want to discover your own unique path to success? Do you want to indeed live a life of meaning? Do you want to take ownership of your long-abandoned dreams that you used to be passionate about and run with discipline and diligence towards achieving the life you have always desired? Do you want to create your own exit plan that will help you transition from being an employee to being an employer? Do you really worry about the future of your job or are you concerned about your own future?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, I am willing to use the same resources that helped me define my path to success to help you as well: Hot Pursuit coaching resources, The BluePrint of Success training and coaching resources, the DISC behavioral assessment, John Maxwell’s Leadership coaching & training resources etc. profiling

There will be a financial investment to it but trust me, your investment will be worth it if you commit to your unique journey of growth like I did mine

I thought I LOST my job, I FOUND me. If you or your organization need to hire someone who can help you discover and pursue your passion through keynote speaking, coaching (one-on-one or group) and training services, let’s have a conversation by sending an email to i[email protected] using the preferred service as subject.

I look forward to partnering with you on your journey of discovery and purposeful living in 2019! Let’s do this!

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